Tuning a guitar

How to Tune a Guitar

Tuning the guitar is the first thing you need to know on your way to rock on. Here are some simple tips on guitar tuning.

You should either buy yourself a digital tuner or get a tuning app for your cellphone. Both the physical tuners and guitar tuner apps will work pretty much the same way.

The first step is to determine which tune are you going to tune your guitar to.

The standard tuning is the following:

  • 6th string = E (thickest string)
  • 5th string = A
  • 4th string = D
  • 3rd string = G
  • 2nd string = B
  • 1st string = E(thin one)

You have to play each string and the tuner/app will tell you how far off the note is from the required note, so that you will know how much winding it needs (you might need to wind up or down).